Our consultants possess extensive experience in the chemical industry. Below are examples of the engagements our consultants have recently performed: 


  1. Managed & performed a UAE market study on caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid for a GCC based company.
  2. Managed a GCC catalyst study for an USA based company. The assessment included market analysis and technological advancements of catalysts in oil refining, petrochemical, chemical and environmental segments within the GCC region.
  3. Performed a market study on fuel oil additives for a company working in the power generation sector based in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Managed & performed a market study on selected chemicals for a company based in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Managed and performed a hydrogen market study in the GCC for a petrochemical company based in Kuwait.
  6. Managed and performed a pre-feasibility study on chloralkali plant and derivatives for a governmental entity based in Bahrain. 
  7. Performed a feasibility study for plastic manufacturing based on plastic recycling for a new venture in Saudi Arabia.
  8. Performed due diligence for a plastic processing company in Saudi Arabia to support an acquisition decision.
  9. Performed market research on LPG domestic market in GCC for an oil refining company based in Bahrain.
  10. Conducted a multi-client report on acrylonitrile. This report focuses on the acrylonitrile production technology and includes market and economic evaluation.
  11. Assisted in the role of lenders market advisor (LMA) for a polyolefins project in Oman.
  12. Conducted market field research on monoethanolamine (MEA) in the GCC for a USA based company.
  13. Carried out olefins and polyolefin market research and price forecast.
  14. Prepared courses materials on petrochemical industry for decision-makers in the industry.
  15. Performed market research on geomembranes and acrylic acid in GCC for a conglomerate company based in Qatar.
  16. Managed and performed a sulfuric acid market research for an international company specialized in catalysts.
  17. Performed a study on PET and PTA for a petrochemical company based in Germany.
  18. Performed market analysis on hydrogen peroxide in the GCC for a new Saudi-based venture.
  19. Performed market research on argon in the GCC for a JV based in Oman.

Multi-cleint Studies 

Sussex Consulting provides specialised market studies as well as technical studies on subscription basis.  Below are the ready and upcoming multi-client studies.


Sussex Consulting offers original work based on its cumulative experience and robust database. Sussex Consulting enjoys a large network of energy and chemicals professionals around the world and in the GCC region which complements its unique studies.

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